Let's Make The Most Of The Downtime

In the Chinese language, the character used for the word "CRISIS" is the same character that is used  for the word "OPPORTUNITY". (They also use the same characters for "toothpaste" and "bat.") Now that there is no stage time for anyone until the corona virus apocalypse situation blows over, why not make the most of your time off as a performing comedian by improving your comedy writing skills?

What is JokeZoom.com?

Jokezoom.com (also known as Comedians Writing Jokes At Home or CWJAH) is an online meeting where stand up comedians at any level can workshop new material and hone their comedy writing skills. Every meeting will focus on a topic related to creating and performing stand up comedy material. Each participant will be given time to work on their original material with the group.

What it is not.

It's not a virtual open mic to try out or practice your material. You need a live audience for that. A bunch of a comedians (all of them pants-less) watching you on a computer screen is not a legitimate stand up comedy audience. CWJAH meetings are focused on helping stand ups get better at WRITING material.

How much does it cost?

It's free.

Who can sign up?

CWJAH is open to any active stand up comedian, but seats are limited and preference will be given to comics that live and work in the Long Island, NY area. A smart phone or computer with a webcam and a microphone is required. Use the form below to sign up. Once accepted, you'll receive instructions on how to participate along with the current meeting schedule.

The CWJAH Comedy Showcase

Comedians Who Write Jokes At Home features the comedy of its members each week on AlmostComedy.com. This is a professionally produced live Internet streaming video show., All active members can be a part of the show. Join us to learn more.


Please do not share the direct zoom meeting links. Ask potential attendees to use this form to apply for membership.

1. No politics.

2. Write jokes daily.

3. There are no dumb/bad jokes, joke ideas, premise or topic ideas, etc. All are welcome.

4. Don't take criticism personally. We are here to help one another.

5. If there is background noise on your end mute yourself.

6. You are welcome to come into and leave the session when you please. Do not interrupt the group with hellos or goodbyes.

7. Wash your hands.

How To Use Breakout Rooms

Elect A Moderator
Choose someone to moderate the breakout room. The moderator will choose the order of the sharing by each participant. The moderator will also watch the time used by each participant. Moderators will work on their own material just like the other participants. Moderators have the job of maintaining order in the room and keeping the group focused on the comedian who has the floor.

Divide The Time
Time will be divided evenly between participants. For example, if the breakout room is scheduled for 60 minutes and there are four participants (including the moderator) each participant will be allotted approximately 15 minutes of time.

Come Prepared And Ready To Work
Have what you plan to work on WRITTEN DOWN and readily at hand before you enter the session. It is strongly suggested that you write down each joke or idea for a joke on an individual index card. Have more than one index card ready in case you're in a small group that that allows you to have extra time, but plan on working on one joke per session. (See next section.)

One Joke At A Time
Work on one joke at a time. You might want to share an entire bit to give your joke context, but only work on one joke at a time not the entire bit. Most comics strive for 4 or more laughs per minute so each joke should end up being no longer than 10 - 15 seconds. If it is, you should work with the group on trimming words from it - or breaking it up into a joke and a tag - or breaking it into more than one joke.

Audio Record Your Session
Use your phone's audio recorder to capture the session. Only record when working on your own jokes.

Give Help Generously
Try your best to understand what your fellow participant is trying to work out and give constructive advice to help them find their funny. Be thoughtful and patient. Let’s work hard to help each other become better comedians.

Don’t Talk Over Each Other
Laughing is encouraged, but please speak up one at a time when offering help to each other. If things get heated it may be up to the moderator to restore order. Please respect the moderator.

Ask For Help From The Host
If there is a question or a comment that you’d like the host to chime in on you can ask for help from the host from within zoom and the host will join your session. Here’s how:

If you click Ask for Help, it will notify the meeting host that you need assistance and they will be asked to join your breakout room.

1. Click Ask for Help in the meeting controls.

2. Confirm that you would like assistance by clicking Invite Host.