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Online (virtual) comedy open mics are video conferencing events where both amateur and professional comedians can practice their craft. By definition, these mics are "open" to everyone.

Please Follow The Rules

Each of the mics listed are run by dedicated comedians who are working hard to keep the spirit of stand up comedy alive during these tumultuous times. Please be courteous to the open mic runners and respect each particular mic's rules and guidelines.

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Here are 75 opportunities to work out your funny. Go for it.

Day Time (NY) Name Cost Info
Saturday 4:00 PM Humor.Me Open Mic Free Info
Saturday 11:00 PM Super Silly Saturday Free Info
Saturday 11:30 PM Flappers Comedy Club Paid Info
Sunday 3:00 PM Going Long Mic Paid Info
Sunday 3:00 PM Online Open Mic Paid Info
Sunday 3:00 PM Sunday Brunch Open . . . Free Info
Sunday 4:00 PM Open-Mic-Sunday on . . . Free Info
Sunday 4:00 PM Steve Osborne . . . Free Info
Sunday 7:00 PM Sunday Showcase Paid Info
Sunday 7:30 PM Cathy Zhao Free Info
Sunday 8:00 PM No Line to Cross . . . Free Info
Sunday 8:00 PM Jokes By Fire Free Info
Sunday 8:00 PM Sunday Mic Free Info
Sunday 11:00 PM Jokes by Fire Free Info
Sunday 11:30 PM Flappers Comedy Club Paid Info

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