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Online (virtual) comedy open mics are video conferencing events where both amateur and professional comedians can practice their craft. By definition, these mics are "open" to everyone.

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Each of the mics listed are run by dedicated comedians who are working hard to keep the spirit of stand up comedy alive during these tumultuous times. Please be courteous to the open mic runners and respect each particular mic's rules and guidelines.

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Comedy Lab Open Mic

Frequency: Weekly

Cost: Paid


Open mic for stand-up comics wanting to generate new material. Write it and perform it all in one night!
About this Event
“I can come up with stuff in a half an hour that would normally take me a week. . . .

I think of myself as someone who is a really slow thinker, like I’m not good at coming up with stuff in the moment. . . but this [Comedy Lab] is really helping me because of the half an hour to write. It’s an incredible challenge for me that apparently I’m able to rise to.” – Lalita Dee

” I love mics like this. You can get so much out of material you never knew you had.” – Zack Zimmerman

The Comedy Lab Open Mic
Write it. Perform it. All in one Night!

hosted by Holly Shaw
EVERY MONDAY – March 23rd – extended to August 31st, 2020 7:30pm PST

ONLINE via Zoom Video Conferencing

7:30pm Show up by just clicking on the link above or pasting into your browser
7:30pm You’ll get 5-8 different writing prompts to choose from
7:40pm – 8:10pm Get 30 Minutes to Write
8:10pm – 9:30pm “Show” Immediately Following – You get 3-4 Minutes to Share Your New Jokes

(New Jokes only! To keep the playing field level, we ask that you do only material you’ve just written in the previous 30 minutes, so no doing bits from your old set.)

NEW! PLEASE NOTE: Online registration puts you earlier on the show list as long as you show up by 7:30pm to draw a prompt – be sure to show between 7:30-8pm to get in on the workshop. If you’re not there by 8pm, we may need to bump you further down the list to be fair to those comics who show up early. You can still play, but you will have to wait until the first group has performed in order to get your turn.

3-4 min per comedian (this time we’re keeping a little shorter because online plays a little differently than live)
What Comedians Are Saying About the Comedy Lab Open Mic Experience:

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