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Joke Zoom. Established March, 2020.

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JokeZoom.com : A place to connect, create & laugh!

The Best Platform to Connect and Collaborate with Other Comedians

✍️ Online Meetings For Comedy Writers
A creative and supportive place for comics to work on making their material funnier. Membership is free to active comedians at any experience level. It's 100% free and 200% fun.
πŸ™Œ Write Better Jokes By Working With Other Comics
Having a group of funny people to work on material with has helped us grow stronger as (aspiring) comedy professionals. The meetings turn the discipline of daily writing from a chore to a joy.
πŸ˜‚ Join Our Community & Deliver the Laughter
Comedy creators from all over the world are using this platform to hone their skills and make their jokes even funnier. They find that preparing daily jokes make them more entertaining, confident and successful.

Improve Your Stand-Up Comedy With Joke Zoom

The comedy writing process is no easy feat. It takes a lot of practice and effort to be the best comedy writer you can be.


When the pandemic hit, we were sheltering in place.Β  A comedy buddy of mine told about a comedy class on line using "ZOOM" - six days a week, two hours a day.... FREE! The price is right!

Comedian, NYC

Have you ever tried to herd cats? Comedians are like cats and it ain't easy!Β  The meetings manages to keep me focused to make me a better comedian. It pushes just enough that I come back for more of insights and spot-on advice!

Comedian. New Jersey

So many times I wished I had help or someone to bounce ideas off of. This group of talented friendly comedians work together in a non intimidating and unselfish way to help each other create or improve each other’s sets. A group ANY comedian would find useful.

Comedian, New York

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Laugh While Creating Great Jokes

Are you a stand-up comedian looking for help creating original material? Maybe you're a writer who wants to learn about the world of stand-up comedy. Maybe you're a student who wants to learn more about all things comedy. We are Joke Zoom, a daily comedy writers group that meets over Zoom to help each other create original comedy material. Most of us are subject matter experts in comedy writing and stand-up comedy. We share our knowledge and experience with each other in hopes of helping us create an original act, generating material and learning more about comedy.


Commit to Making Your Comedy Funnier

Join a international group of comedy creators who meet daily to help each other make their material funnier. It's 100% free and 200% fun.