Write Better Jokes And Get Bigger Laughs

Free Joke Writing Meetings For Comedians

We are a group dedicated to working with others on developing our comedy skills. No dues or fees required.

Online Video Meetings For Comedy Writers

A creative and supportive place for comics to work on making their material funnier. Membership is free to active comedians at any experience level.

Write Better Jokes By Working With Other Comics

Having a group of funny people to work on material with has helped us grow stronger as (aspiring) comedy professionals. The meetings turn the discipline of daily writing from a chore to a joy.

(All Times New York)

I Am SO Happy That I Joined

I joined this group day 1 and still attend multiple days a week. I learned a tremendous and invaluable amount of joke writing, my own style, and showcase format. I can't believe that I am helping other comedians write jokes as well.

Heather Lehrman

NY Comedian

A Comical Adventure!

Working together with comics is a wonderful experience at many levels. I was able to put my ideas and collaborate with a team of others. The process unfolds in front of you. There’s some risk involved... a comical adventure! It’s work and fun with an end result! I keep coming back for more.

Karin Margaret

NY Comedian

THE Best Thing To Happen To My Comedy Career

So many times I wished I had help or someone to bounce ideas off of. This group of talented friendly comedians work together in a non intimidating and unselfish way to help each other create or improve each other’s sets. A group ANY comedian would find useful. I look forward to each and every class.

Bob Lopatkin

NY Comedian

It’s Not Just Comedy

Having the ability to learn, write, edit and perform comedy during these challenging times has been a wonderful way to “stay in the game”. The meetings have allowed this and so much more. If you’re serious about improving your comedy then this is a great place to be whether you’re new to comedy, have some experience or a seasoned veteran.

Bruce Lipsky

NY Comedian

Without Reservation Recommend

As a comedian and comedy writer who has sold over 1,000 jokes, I can without reservation recommend that ALL aspiring and pro comedians participate at JokeZoom.com.

Tom Padovano

NYC Comedian

Fun And Encouraging Atmosphere

JokeZoom.com is a wonderful comedy community to be a part of!! Everyone feels welcome and heard; it has a fun and encouraging atmosphere; offers a flexible schedule; and is professional in everything it does. Oh, and the price can’t be beat 😉

Joyce Artinian

NJ Comedian

Class Of Comedy Buddies

I love comedy but I’m lazy. I procrastinate with writing and performing. I attend Comedians Writing Jokes to make myself write and perform. We all help each other improve our jokes, it’s like a class of comedy buddies.

Zygy Susser

NYC Comedian

Lots Of Fun

You work with a great group of people that help each other out with their material, lots of fun too!

Richie "The Head" Parisi

NY Comedian

Flourish And Excel

JokeZoom.com created a supportive and open room for all levels and types of comics to be able to flourish and excel.

James Mac

Owner Headspace and Timing Comedy

It Has Been A Fantastic Experience

It has been a precious opportunity to grow both as a joke writer and joke performer. Everyone is treated with respect and enthusiasm, whether they are recent beginners or have more experience.

Ellen Orchid

NYC Comedian

A Rare Find

The meetings have helped me improve my joke set-ups, punchlines and so much more. Collaborating with other comics in the class is invaluable.
It has helped me to hone in, refine and create new material.

Janet Regensberg

NJ Comedian

Fine Tune Your Material

I like the way the meetings help comics fine tune their material. It's great to be collaborating with others.

Art Schill

NY Comedian

Have You Ever Tried To Herd Cats?

Have you ever tried to herd cats? Comedians are like cats and it ain't easy!  The meetings manages to keep me focused to make me a better comedian. It pushes just enough that I come back for more of insights and spot-on advice!

Terry-Ann Zander

NJ Comedian

The Price Is Right!

When the pandemic hit, we were - as we are now (still)... sheltering in place.  A comedy buddy of mine told about a comedy class on line using "ZOOM" - six days a week, two hours a day.... FREE! The price is right!

Helaine Witt

NYC Comedian