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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joke Zoom?

Jokezoom.com (originally known as Comedians Writing Jokes At Home or CWJAH) is an online meeting where stand up comedians at any level can workshop new material and hone their comedy writing skills. Every meeting focuses on creating and performing stand up comedy material. Each participant is given time to work on their original material with the group.

What it is not.

It's not a virtual open mic to try out or practice your material. You need a live audience for that. Joke Zoom meetings are focused on helping stand ups get better at WRITING material. Looking for an online open mic? Check out Mr. Open Mic

How much does it cost?

Joke Zoom is free.

Who can join?

Joke Zoom is open to any active stand up comedian. A smart phone or computer with a webcam and a microphone is required. Once accepted, you'll receive instructions on how to participate along with the current meeting schedule. Not currently a comedian but would like to be one? We have a pathway to membership for you! Sign up today to find out more.