Meeting Schedule

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How much do Joke Zoom meetings cost?

Joke Zoom meetings are completely free. We do not charge for attendance.

Since when have Joke Zoom meetings been free?

Joke Zoom meetings have been free since we started in March of 2020.

When are the Joke Zoom meetings scheduled?

Meetings are scheduled every day of the week at various times. All scheduled times are in New York time (Eastern United States time).

When should I join the meeting?

The Zoom session for the meeting opens 15 minutes early, allowing attendees to socialize before the official start. However, punctuality is not mandatory, and you can leave early if needed.

Do I have to stay for the entire session?

No, there's no requirement to stay for the whole session, but it is highly recommended.

Do I need to work on any comedy material during the meeting?

You are not obligated to work on any material. You can choose to just listen or assist others. However, the main goal is to improve your comedic skills, so it's suggested to bring some comedy material you'd like to refine with the group.

How should I present my jokes?

We recommend working on one joke at a time. A joke typically consists of a setup and a punchline. If it's longer than two or three sentences, it might be too wordy or have multiple punchlines. Given that attendees usually get six minutes to work on their material, focusing on one joke is advised.

What kind of material is encouraged?

We encourage originality and creativity. We do not appreciate unoriginal content and are not here to rewrite old jokes. The best material often comes from personal experiences and stories.

How long are the meetings?

All meetings are one hour long.

What do I need to attend a Joke Zoom meeting?

The meetings are conducted over Zoom, so you'll need the Zoom client. Additionally, a camera is required, either from a smartphone or a webcam on your computer.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

For any further questions, feel free to email Rob at